Why Michelin calls Trondheim a “Food Mecca” in Europe!

Why Michelin calls Trondheim a “Food Mecca” in Europe!

Foodies, especially those with a taste for Michelin-star cuisine, mark your calendars: February 17, 2020 is a big day for Trondheim, for sure, but likely all of Norway. For the first time ever, the revelation for the 2020 Michelin Guide Nordic Countries will take place here. Not in Sweden, not in Denmark…, not even in Oslo. Lesser known, but well worth visiting Trondheim ‘beat’ Norway’s capital city to the honor.
Why, one might ask?

Hub of Fresh Ideas + Valued Traditions

“Over the years the city has become one of the culinary centers in the Nordic countries”, explains Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “Trondheim is a hub of fresh ideas and valued traditions, and this mix is reflected in the gastronomic scene of the city. The top restaurants are showing a really high level of innovation and sustainability, while using the best produce the region has to offer.”

To learn more about the Michelin star revelation event, “a stellar assembly of the Nordic countries’ leading chefs and restaurant owners meeting in Norway’s dynamic food mecca of Trondheim”, take a closer look on the official website for Michelin guide.

Britannia Hotel Hosts Star Revelation Dinner

What better ‘stage’ for the event on February 17, 2020 than the recently re-opened Britannia Hotel. Part of our iNSIDE EUROPE Sight-Sleeping Collection, this one-of-a-kind luxury hotel offers the perfect backdrop for the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020 launch.

Britannia is much more than just Trondheim’s top hotel — with a long history dating back to 1870/97. It is also a culinary destination for locals and visitors alike. Britannia’s six eateries are spread across the palatial structure. From Nordic fine-dining to a classic French brasserie, including the unique historic Palmehaven (for breakfast and afternoon tea), plus the new Jonathan grill: the first restaurant in Norway with signature Japanese table grills. It is almost impossible to take them all in just one day which is why we also recommend to spend at least two, ideally more nights at the Britannia Hotel when visiting Trondheim.

Britannia Hotel in Trondheim with blue sky
Britannia Hotel in the heart of Trondheim is also a culinary destination with six+ eateries. The Michelin star revelation gala dinner takes place here on February 17, 2020.

The Britannia is quite a special place, with many a story to be told. Follow Terri Marschall as she experiences a special night in Trondheim at Hotel Britannia.

Then, take a look at Fortune Magazine for the back story on the Britannia’s owner, Norway’s wealthiest man, Odd Reitan. The billionaire didn’t come from money, but turned his teenage dream to once own this stunning property into reality. And what a magical place it is indeed.

Trondheim is Vibrant + Food-Centric

In conclusion, we too agree that Trondheim is an excellent choice to host the revelation for the 2020 Michelin Guide Nordic Countries. Our team enjoyed many a great meal in this vibrant, friendly, food-centric city — and we already look forward to our next dining experience here.


While in Trondheim, why not indulge at one of the two already Michelin-starred restaurants? FAGN is less than 500 meters and thus not even a five minute walk away from the Britannia. The fine dining restaurant is located on the first floor. Read what Michelin Guide 2019 says sets Credo apart. Feeling more casual? There is also FAGN Bistro, located on the second floor, with the welcoming motto being: “Easy dining, good drinking!”

A little bit further, but still only a short taxi or public transportation ride away, CREDO, is the second Michelin-star restaurant in Trondheim. Owned by chef Heidi Bjerkan, her cooking at CREDO is all about: “Kjærlighet til råvaren” aka “with love for raw produce”. Similarly, the entry in the Michelin Guide Norway confirms: “Championing the produce of the Trøndelag region and supporting local farms and artisan producers is key to the ingredient-led 20-26 course surprise menu. Cooking is highly creative yet understated; natural in style with a delicate balance.”

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