What’s it like traveling in Greece in 2021?

Kalimera from Athens where the sun has been shining and visitors are very warmly welcome by Greek locals.

After months of another hard lockdown, this beautiful country with its deeply embedded culture of hospitality is OPEN. There is a festive atmosphere as locals and visitors alike are finally able to enjoy being outside — to eat, drink, explore and to travel again.

It’s been an honor to share our firsthand impressions with our friends at TravelAge West in their feature story “Greece is open for tourism” that was published just yesterday, June 3, 2021.

Greece welcomed back international visitors from several countries last month, including U.S. leisure travelers, and has since reopened many of the cultural and culinary attractions that have long made the destination so hugely popular with the American market“, contributing writer Shane Nelson starts, then quoting Inside Europe co-founder Sandra Weinacht as follows: “Greece is very much ready, and the Greeks are incredibly excited to welcome visitors again.”


We encourage you to read the full story here, as well as check the Greek National Tourism Organization’s GNTO “Destination Greece Health First” information site. We also recommend that travelers to Greece or any international destination seek the assistance of a experience travel advisor.

Navigating the rules and regulations in place can be quite overwhelming. Changes occur frequently and different procedures apply for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers.

We will continue sharing our firsthand travel experiences and invite you to follow along on our two-week journey from the still rather unknown island of Crete via Santorini to Athens. Take a look at our team’s Instagram account @EuropeInsiders for live stories and Best-of Greece 2021 highlights.

Acropolis Athens Greece August 2021
Thea (13) took this photo of the Acropolis in Athens during our recent summer 2021 visit.

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