What to pack for Europe

What to pack for Europe

Less is more when traveling abroad!

For most, packing your suitcase is one of the more difficult aspects of preparation for a European journey.
The solution often is is to just pack as much as you possibly can into your suitcase and backpack, but as all of us at iNSIDE EUROPE can confirm: “Stick to the essentials and bring only what you really need”.  Layering your clothes is a great way to be prepared for any type of weather.

Chloe sums it up quite well: “You’ll be thanking me later when you don’t strain your back from having to carry everything on your own. Don’t do it!” Her advice: “Pack as lightly as you can. The best way to get it all to fit into your suitcase is to fold everything nicely and then roll it tightly. Think of packing your bag as if it were a puzzle.”

Keep in mind, however, that Europe is much more conservative than the U.S. or Canada, the every day attire for locals is ‘smart casual’. In addition, cathedrals and churches have strict dress codes and will not allow you to visit/enter if you are wearing tank tops, shorts, short skirts or gym attire. Short, skirt or dress hems should always go over your knees, or at least to the knee if you plan on visiting places of worship. When in doubt, play it safe and go for capris — they are fashionable for any gender these days! Ladies: Sometimes a scarf may be sufficient to cover exposed shoulders or a deep neckline, but since the guard at the entrance of religious sites has the final say, there is no guarantee. We recommend bringing a cardigan in addition to a scarf. 


Here are a few things that we consider essential to be comfortable iN spring, fall and winter. Weather changes are frequent and can be quite drastic.   


  • Rain jacket, ideally with fleece insert (especially when traveling in spring, fall or winter)
  • Two pairs of pants, ladies may want to bring a couple skirts or dresses, as well.
  • A sweater or two, (or three, if you tend to feel chilly).
  • Plenty of shirts, we recommend polos and at least two dress shirts
  • Plenty of undergarments and socks for daily changes
  • Pajamas
  • Don’t forget shoes! We recommend a maximum of three pairs (tennis shoes, good everyday shoes with rubber soles and dress shoes). Make sure that you will be comfortable to walk long distances. Do not bring flip flops. Europeans do wear those but only to the pool, spa or at the beach.
  • Phone (with international data plan should it be used overseas)
  • Refillable water bottle (plastic or metal) with your name on it
  • A watch (in case your phone runs out of battery)
  • Deodorant, cosmetics, toiletries, medication
  • Put all liquids (3.4 ounces max) that are in your carry-on into a one-quart zip-lock bag. And remember the 311 rules: TSA | Transportation Security Administration | 3-1-1 on Air Travel
  • Sharp items such as scissors, fingernail clippers, etc. must be packed in your checked luggage along with liquids over 3.4 ounces. Bring enough contact lens solution and prescription medication that you may need for the whole duration of the trip.

If you forget anything there are plenty of shops where you can by shampoo, toothpaste, etc., however we highly recommend that travelers bring all essential personal hygiene products with them as overseas items vary greatly and may be uncomfortable to use (deodorant, pads, tampons, etc.)

What essentials are generally provided at the hotels?

  • Soap, shampoo or shower gel (not necessarily conditioner)  and if you prefer bar soap, we suggest bringing your favorite one
  • Towels
  • Blow dryer (however, usually not high-end devices)

What we suggest NOT to bring:

  • Straighteners/Curling Irons (unless specifically approved for European usage)
  • Attire that can be considered disrespectful or overly patriotic
  • Expensive high heels (as they may not survive the cobble stones)
  • Expensive jewelry, family heirlooms
  • Gum (opt for mints instead)

Please note that no comfort animals can be brought on any regular iNSIDE EUROPE experience, however we do offer specialty tours for pet lovers.


An important part of traveling is to experience cultural differences, however we know some adjustments to the local way of doing things, may be more challenging than others. From our experience, here are the top five things to bring from home when visiting Europe:

  • A wash cloth or two as they are not common in Europe
  • Ziplock bags of various sizes
  • Second set of charging cables for your most used electronic items
  • Back up battery pack
  • Ear plugs

The iNSIDE EUROPE team wishes all travelers a safe journey to Europe.
Remember to leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs and other purchases as you experience those beautiful destinations. ‘Helping’ the local economy is always appreciated.

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