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  • “Thank you for a wonderful tour opportunity for Magical String West, and for posting and sharing so I could follow along. The director really liked the tour and seems very pleased with it. She rates it 10/1! Wow! Appreciate all your hard work for my clients.”

    – Debby Leong BRAVO TRAVEL
    Los Altos, California
  • “You are ‘Sandra Clause’ — You’ve made our trip so magical and we are only halfway through it.”

    – Jenne, Eric, Madeleine and Cassie Schwarz
    Christmas Markets of Europe 2022
  • “There are no words that express how thankful I am for all you and your team did to make Ireland a trip of a lifetime – for everyone, young and old. Everyone raved about how sweet their hosts were. Nothing but great things to say. Many thanks!”

    – Lindsay Price
    Huntington Beach, California
  • “Easter in Italy for all of us with Stefania and Massimo was most amazing, the best trip of my life.” 

    – Kathleen J Guerry
    San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • “Inside Travel Experiences made our vacation so full and honestly, unbelievable. As we’ve told the stories and memories of our amazing trip to others, they are in awe. From the local quaint niche places to dine, to the grand experiences with a VIP touch. We can’t wait to utilize the Inside Travel Experiences team again… Their expertise and personal touch is a balance that so few can find!”

  • "An Inside Travel Experiences tour is like traveling with the perfect companion. A more adventurous friend who entices you out of your comfort zone and toward unique local experiences. Or, if you are an adventurer, a kindred spirit with the insider knowledge to score soccer tickets, a seat at the bullfight, or a midnight table in the tavern where the Flamenco is a flame, not a "show." And ohhh the food ...!"

    – Lynne CooperLa Cañada Flintridge
  • “What a trip to Italy that was! We enjoyed each city and the choice of accommodation really was special. Thank you! Your team does a tremendous job with the groups and the attention to detail was outstanding. Thank you so much!”

    – Karen + Steve WylieRancho Santa Margarita, California
  • “No other tour company can match the care, professionalism and experience creation like Inside Travel Experiences.

    From the unbelievable venues to the incredible food, our students and and families were treated to daily feasts, each better than the last. And we felt welcomed.

    Our travelers ranged from age 1-91 and the ability of your company to pace the tour in a way that supported each traveler was quite impressive. I have received nothing but rave reviews and people can’t wait to sign up for the next trip! Our sincere thanks to the entire team for amazing experiences, every time!”

    – Scott Melvin
    Mater Dei Catholic HS, Santa Ana, California
  • "As a parent of a Mater Dei student on the Spain tour, I must say that I am blown away with the wonderful attention to detail that my son tells me he’s enjoying. Aside from that I’m impressed and extremely happy with the amazing posts on social media and the live stream of some of the performances. I felt compelled to DM them and let them know just how much it means to us to be able to share in the experience from afar. The customer service and immediate response was and is wonderful. Impressive!!"

    – JOANNE MEJIASanta Ana, California
  • “Ciao! We just want to say infinite thanks for the collaboration with our restaurant and us. We appreciate your professionalism, your work ethic, your advance problem solving skills, your kindness… With regards from our hearts, grazie del cuoro!”

    – Gino, Massimo, Daniele, Ivano
    Ristorante Torre Normanna, Maiori, Italy
  • “I have had the pleasure of being on a five of your tours, with Incantato Concert Tours, but also Inside Travel Experiences. Just when I think you can’t possibly top the previous trip, you do. Your attention to detail is remarkable, you definitely deliver on your “boutique” commitment and you create life-changing experiences.”

    Louisville, Kentucky
  • "Our musical concert tour to Ireland was magical and perfect due to diligent hard work and scheduling and planning."

    – Arleen HollosySanta Barbara, California
  • “Thank you for a wonderful tour. What a wonderful experience this opportunity was.I love the richness of your programs and it’s value to young people – the anticipation and bonding over preparation and adventure, the lived experience of cultural exchange…, and the lifetime of memories  – over the years whether they travel back to Spain and Portugal or recall this in conversations with other travelers that ‘they were there’. What a gift, thank you.”

    – Wendy Greenleaf
    San Marino, CA
  • "The trip was fabulous: Beautiful countryside and vistas, historic and uplifting Renaissance art and architecture, inspiring history and people. You facilitated maximum educational, religious, and just plain fun experiences among youth and adults alike. Thank you! A truly memorable experience for everyone."

    – Edward L. BettendorfCleveland, Ohio
  • "Thank you for organizing a most wonderful trip to Spain and Portugal. We traveled with the WRA Music Department as parents along with our two children and it was a most enjoyable trip! Our host, Stefania, was one of the highlights of our trip! She was knowledgable, organized and enthusiastic every moment of our ten days traveling. Two years ago, our two daughters traveled with WRA and you to Italy with Stefania as their iNCANTATO guide. She was the highlight of their trip as well!"

    – Brenda Depew
  • “My husband and I had a ball on our Burgundy and Provence river cruise – you recommended the perfect ship and destinations! Thanks for everything – we loved our suite upgrade.”

    – Sha Kelly Batt
    Fort Mill, South Carolina
  • "We have had very positive experiences with Incantato Concert Tours/Inside Travel Experiences, in Italy, Central Europe, and Spain. I like that each tour is very personalized, comprised of major destinations (like Prague) and off-the-beaten-path gems (like Cesky Krumlov, a small village in the country). There we had our most enjoyable free time. My students count their international experiences among their college career's most meaningful, valuable, and special aspects."

    – Dr. Graeme LangagerVancouver, Canada
  • “There are at least four essential ingredients for a successful and rewarding concert tour for young people and their sponsors —appropriate concert settings, advance publicity, opportunities for learning about the areas visited (including exchanges with the local youth), and good logistical planning. The tour of the Akron, Ohio Summit Children’s Touring Choir through Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria was successful indeed. The venues were most impressive and beautiful. The publicity produced large responsive and appreciative crowds as well as mayor’s receptions with recital opportunities at city halls. The knowledgeable tour guides and the visits with local youth and choirs provided an experience for the choir members that will not be soon forgotten. The schedule for travel, meals, concerts and touring were planed and flexible enough to accommodate for unexpected delays without loss of any scheduled tour, exchange or concert. Finally, a “shadow tour” of parents and sponsors was also a success and allowed those who wished to do so to attend every reception, recital and concert while being guided on a separate tour, well planned and executed. As one who worked with Sandra Weinacht and her staff at iNCANTATO I can assure you it would not have been such a success without their planning and execution of our tour. They are to be commended and I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering a group tour.”

    – C.A. Ridge
    Summit Choral Society Sponsor, Akron, Ohio


  • "Our musical concert tour to Ireland was magical and perfect due to diligent hard work and scheduling and planning."

    – Arleen HollosySanta Barbara, California
  • “There are no words to describe the joy Pamela and I experienced by being part of the Danube River Tour. You have become the very best in designing European tours. It is good that you are highly selective in who you work with and for.”

    – Dr. William Johnson
    San Luis Obispo

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