Must-Haves: Valid Passport + Travel Insurance with Trip Cancellation

Must-Haves: Valid Passport + Travel Insurance with Trip Cancellation

What are today’s must-haves to travel internationally?

Two very important items come to mind immediately: A passport valid six months beyond your return date, and travel insurance with trip cancellation. The passport picture above was taken on a 2022 Greece trip when our return flight was canceled — just hours before the scheduled departure. Now imagine not being able to travel at all because of a simple formality.

Being prepared is more important than ever

If only we had a crystal ball, right? Being prepared for the what ifs is more important than ever.
Traveling internationally requires a valid passport. Please don’t wait until the last minute. Those passport processing times can vary and expediting a passport at short notice is costly, plus very stressful.

Passports should be valid six months after your return

Airlines and TSA recommend, sometimes require that six month validity beyond the return from abroad. For important information and all details, take a look at the US Government passport information site.

Here are some additional helpful passport shortcuts:

1. To apply for a new passport in person

2. To renew a passport – anyone under 16 must do so in person!

3. Passport fee calculator

4. Passport photo requirements

Travel insurance with trip cancellation is another must

Travel insurance helps protect you and your investment into traveling. Because whether you are at home or on a vacation, life happens — and that can affect your travel plans. You or your child, a close relative may get sick, the airlines could lose or temporarily misplaced luggage, there could be a need for emergency medical coverage while abroad, etc.

By purchasing travel insurance with trip cancellation, you don’t just protect your investment, but it may give you some peace of mind. Having a choice of selecting the right coverage is why Inside Europe recommends Arch RoamRight.

One size never fits all and travelers should assess their needs and consider the various travel insurance benefits and coverages available that best meet their travel needs, including enhanced options such as the “Cancel for any Reason” benefit.

Here are some travel insurance shortcuts:

  1. Request a travel insurance quote
  2. Travel insurance plans at a glance
  3. Description of the group insurance coverage for California based travelers on any of our journeys for 8 or more
  4. Description of the ProPlus plan for CA residents — includes Cancel for Work Reasons if purchased within 21 days of trip deposit

Get travel insurance shortly after your deposit for extra perks

To summarize, group insurance is often the best value for student travelers or individuals.

Other travel insurance options to consider are the Arch RoamRight Pro plan with trip cancellation, political and security assistance, and even emergency evacuation — best suited for budget-conscious travelers. The Pro Plus plan according to Arch RoamRight is “our most popular plan and for any type of travel. It includes trip cancellation, political and security assistance and emergency medical evacuations to the hospital of your choice. Furthermore, if it is purchased within 21 days of your initial trip deposit, it automatically includes Cancel For Work Reasons.”

Pro and Pro Plus plans include one child under 18

Another reason why Inside Europe chose to work with Arch RoamRight, is that under most travel insurance plans offered other than the group plan, one child under the age of 18 is covered for each insured adult. For even more information, we recommend that you take the time to carefully read each plan’s description and we also advise you to consult a travel insurance expert should you seek additional clarifications or have any questions. The toll-free number to reach a travel insurance specialist is 1-866-891-6614.

Is Covid-19 covered?

Arch RoamRight may provide coverage due to  sickness, including Covid-19. To learn more about coverage concerning Covid, please take a close look here or speak to one of their travel insurance specialists. When we reached out as part of writing this Inside Europe travel tip, the wait time was under two minutes and the agent was friendly, well informed and super helpful.

Just like planning one of our journeys takes time, selecting the coverage that is right may require some time and even consulting with an insurance professional that we recommend or a reputable insurance company of your choice. There’s a lot to read, options to compare, and your situation may be different than other travelers’. Please don’t rush these important steps to ensure your upcoming travel is insured the way you need it to be.

You don’t drive without car insurance, right?

To conclude: Travel insurance with trip cancellation is a must-have for anyone joining an Inside Europe travel experience, however coverage options vary and the choice is yours to select the right one for you and yours. All of us on the team do not travel without purchasing travel insurance , whether for personal and work travels. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, so don’t travel without travel insurance either.

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