Where we’ll never sleep again in Italy: Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel

Where we’ll never sleep again in Italy: Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel

Unfortunately, Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel a traditional four star hotel, set on the beautiful coast of Gaeta, is a place we’ll never sleep again. Made up of multiple villas and historic Mediterranean style buildings, staying at Villa Irlanda has been a truly unique experience enjoyed by our travelers in the past, but when the Covid pandemic brought travel to a halt, this property also stopped communicating at first and never issued any refunds.

We’d planned to privatize the property for a large group of 100+ student travelers, and, in order to pass on a great rate to said travelers, agreed to making payments long in advance. While other Italian and local hotel partners in Gaeta, including much smaller properties, issued full refunds, Villa Irlanda didn’t return any of the money paid. The management even refused to return money received towards a gala dinner for almost 300 people claiming the food had already been purchased — which is ridiculous over a month in advance when their culinary claim is offering fresh farm-to-table cuisine.

View of pool area at Villa Irlanda, Gaeta.
View of pool area at Villa Irlanda, Gaeta.
Photo courtesy of iNSIDE EUROPE.

Did you know that at Inside Europe, we personally inspect each and every hotel our travelers stay in?
Before you check-in, we check out the rooms, facilities, take a close look at all restaurants and especially breakfast, but also explore the neighborhood to share recommendation for restaurants, local shops and where to find the best Italian gelato nearby.

Stay in one of four Villas

Guest Room at Villa Irlanda in Gaeta
Guest Room at Villa Irlanda in Gaeta.
Photo courtesy of hotel.

Villa Irlanda’s 49 guest rooms are located within four different historic buildings on the property. Each guest room comes with a flat screen tv and radio, minibar, air conditioning, private bathroom with a hair dryer and free WiFI. There are also several spacious suites available at Villa Irlanda.

The grounds of Villa Irlanda include two swimming pools and a jacuzzi with sun beds, Mediterranean style gardens and olive groves, and many ancient buildings to explore, some of which date back to the first century.

Pool area with garden at Villa Irlanda
View of the pool area with gardens at Villa Irlanda.
Photo courtesy of the hotel.

Farm-to-Table Cuisine with fresh Eggs

Breakfast is served daily at Villa Irlanda from 7 am to 10 am, either at the garden pavilion or at the main restaurant.

Another great reason to look forward to staying here is also the local cuisine offered at the onsite restaurant. The traditional, hearty cuisine includes vegetables from the garden behind the main villa, and, occasionally, guests will get to enjoy farm-fresh eggs — if the Villa chickens are in a good mood. Additionally, with lemon and orange trees all over, guest are encouraged to grab them for a snack.

Lemon tree at Villa Irlanda, Gaeta
Lemon tree on the grounds of Villa Irlanda, Gaeta.
Photo courtesy of iNSIDE EUROPE.

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