SiNG in France: LCHS Choral Artists Concert in Vernon

SiNG in France: LCHS Choral Artists Concert in Vernon

Small medieval town, big Gothic cathedral, welcoming people, that sums up Vernon, iN Normandy.

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, the La Cañada Choral Artists present a highlight concert at Collegiale Notre-Dame de Vernon iN France.

Notre-Dame de Vernon

‘Discovering’ beautiful places along the roads less traveled is one of our passions at iNSIDE EUROPE. Vernon, iN Normandy, France is one of those gems.

Often passed by or just driven through en route to its well known neighboring village Giverny, our 2019 BON VOYAGE and ENCHANTEZ travelers will visit the charming town of Vernon. On Wednesday, April 3, residents of Vernon, visitors and iNSIDE EUROPE travelers will experience an exclusive La Cañada Choral Artists concert at the small town’s big cathedral. Locals and visitors are invited to join, too. This matinee performance is organized in partnership with Tourisme Nouvelle Normandie.

A Beautiful Medieval Gem

Collegiale Notre-Dame de Vernon is an impressive cathedral in the heart of Vernon. The construction for the mainly Gothic church started in the eleventh century by Guillaume de Vernon. In 1072, the structure was dedicated to the the Holy Mother of God. This is why it is named Notre-Dame (Our Lady). Interestingly, the church was built on the location of a pagan temple that was dedicated to Isis. 

Built between the eleventh and the sixteenth century, Notre-Dame Cathedral of Vernon is composed of different architectural styles: the choir and the transept are in Romanesque style while the rest of the building has been rebuilt in different Gothic styles (radiant Gothic, flamboyant and late). Inside the building, you will discover an organ dating from the early seventeenth century and restored in 1979. Magnificent abstract stained glass windows were installed in the 70s to replace those destroyed during the Second World War. Behind the main altar is a magnificent series of tapestries from the Life of the Virgin Mary, five panels depicting the history of Mary in a series of 19 paintings.

To learn more about this special place of worship and its history, plus to embark on a virtual tour of the cathedral, click here.

Save the Concert Date iN Vernon

The LCHS Choral Artists sing in France in 2019 on their Europe choir tour
The LCHS Choral Artists travel from California to France in the spring of 2019.

The La Cañada Choral Artists directed by Dr. Jeff Brookey present a highlight matinee concert at Collegiale Notre-Dame de Vernon on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 12:30 pm.

The performance is open to the public. Entrance is free

For more information on the 2019 LCHS Europe choir tour, take a look here.

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