River Cruising in Portugal: Take A Cabin Tour

River cruises are all about the scenery along the way, as by cruising on the Douro you’ll become part of the stunning scenery of this beautiful valley and region that’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage sights for being truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to voyaging through gorgeous landscapes and plenty of stops along the way to get off the ship and explore charming towns (big ones like Porto or smaller villages like Pinhao), the best part about river cruising is that you only unpack once for the week. The different cabins on your floating hotel the MS Amalia Rodrigues for “Summer Serenades 2024” offer all the comfort and amenities of European four star hotels, but being on a ship, space is limited.

River cruise ship cabins are designed for sleeping, relaxing and getting ready (for the day or night).
Let’s take you on a tour of the cabins aka staterooms on the middle and upper deck that have been reserved for our travelers.

French Balcony Cabins Range from 129 to 145 Square Feet

Classic cabins feature two twin beds that can be separated or put together (as you prefer), a flat screen TV, private bath with a shower, hair dryer, closet, ship phone, desk, chair, and safe. Staterooms have European 220V outlets with two round prongs, so a simple adapter from US outlets to EU plugs works for most devices.

When traveling as part of a group, cabins are assigned on a first come, first confirmed preferred location. So signing up early gives you the most favored spots on the ship although there’s not a real ‘bad’ cabin on a modern five anchor vessel like the MS Amalia Rodrigues. Especially since we’re not offering the window only cabins on the main deck for ‘Summer Serenades’. Category A and B cabins on the Upper and Middle Decks are 145 square feet and feature French Balconies. Category C cabins also features French Balconies on the Middle Deck with 129 square feet. If you’re concerned about being close to the engine rooms, don’t worry as due the Douro is not navigated at night meaning your ship remains in port overnight.

The above gallery allows you to take a closer look at the pictures and deck plans to familiarize yourself with the accommodations offered on the MS Amalia Rodrigues and as always, we’ll make sure (whenever possible) to accommodate families and friends traveling together as well as those with limited mobility when it comes to cabin assignments.

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