Postcard from Spain: Laundry Day in Santander

Postcard from Spain: Laundry Day in Santander
Is the kitty helping with laundry?Captured by Celia Sideral on Unsplash

Sometimes it is the little everyday moments that catch our eye and make us smile — like this ‘Laundry Day with Cat’ snapshot by Celia Sideral in her hometown of Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region in the north of Spain.

Must-sees in Santander include the Gothic cathedral that retained its 12-century crypt, but also the Museo de Bellas Artes known for works by Goya and other artists of the 19th and 20th century.

For more information on Santander, visit and also Turismo Santander.


Try to schedule your Santander visit during the Festival Internacional Santander which takes place every summer, usually from the end July and through the first week of September. A short preview can be found on youtube.

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