Postcard from Italy: Venice water taxi smiles

When in Venice, take a motoscafo, a water taxi. Elegant, fast and a lot of fun, these speed boats are worth the splurge. Smiles are guaranteed.

You haven’t truly experienced Venice, if you didn’t get lost nor have taken a boat ride. Frankly speaking, most likely you’ll arrive by boat when traveling with Inside Europe. While riding a gondola is one every tourists’ mind, it’s not a practical means of transportation. Gondolas are for scenic routes, basta. For years, our Thea refused to step foot in a gondola. And don’t make the mistake of taking a gondola ride on the Canale Grande, that’s a big beginner’s mistake.

But, one Venetian ride that results in all smiles is worth the splurge: the Motoscafo aka the so-called water taxi.

The Nafziger gals on the first of a few water taxi rides in Venice.
What better way to truly arrive on the Venetian islands than by water taxi known as Motoscafi.

Elegant, fast and a lot of fun, these small(er) speed boats are almost everywhere — at the airport, the train station, near tourist attractions. And just like a regular taxi, they can be called to pick you up 24/7. Rates are fixed, but we suggest you double-check in advance as occasionally there’s a black sheep captain that may take advantage of people not knowing the right fare. But like most of us in hospitality, the majority of water taxi chauffeurs take pride in their work, their boat and bringing joy to those they are driving around: Along or across the Canale Grande, ideally with an excursion into smaller side alleys where the true magic of Venice can be experienced.

A trusted water taxi partner in Venice, Italy is Consorzio MotoScafi Venezia. With over 100 taxis, you’ll always get a great and safe ride across the lagoon. But, don’t forget, when traveling with Inside Europe and booking your flights with one of our travel advisors or partner agencies, you won’t have to worry about your arrival or departure transfers.

Arriverderci and buon viaggio. Until we meet in Venice!

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