Postcard from Germany: ‘King’ of the Castle

Bring the kids to Burg Eltz iN Germany. Photo Credit: Erin McCann

Can you guess how many castles there are iN Germany? 5,000? More or less?

Actually a lot more! The estimated number goes up to 25,000! While we can think of hundreds worth a visit, or even better an iNSIDE EUROPE sight-sleeping stay, only a few are known outside of their homeland.

Here, Burg Eltz is beautifully captured by blogger Erin McGann. “Burg Eltz is my favorite German castle”, she says. Read more on Erin At Large .

Still curious as to how many German castles there are? The story continues on Deutsche Welle Travel.

Come hungry to Greece, especially Crete

Typical lunch in Crete with different mezze
This so-called light lunch of local Mezze may make you consider skipping dinner, but please don’t!

The typical and so-called light lunch of local Mezze may make you consider skipping dinner — not that you should!

Served family-style, you will always find freshly baked local breads, cheeses, seasonal vegetables as salads, roasted, stuffed with rice, sometimes roasted meats and much more.

The feast you see above is offered at our favorite family-owned winery just outside the capital city of Heraklion — prepared fresh every day.

On the menu is what the Paterianakis sisters, their parents and team are eating themselves, cooked by mom.

Not pictured are their all-organic wines that pair perfectly well with these dishes.

Here at the Domaine, just as at many typical tavernas, a small dessert is offered complimentary by the hosts.

Make sure to leave a little room (or a lot).

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