Postcard from France: Say Fromage aka Cheese

Postcard from France: Say Fromage aka Cheese

When iN France, have a little or even better a lot of cheese – with breakfast, lunch and especially dinner!

The general rule is, the stinkier, the better the cheese, at least when you ask the locals. Most restaurants offer a cheese course as an alternative to a sweet dessert, or both. And: The nicer the place, the better the cheese cart, just like this beauty captured by photographer Elisa Michelet.

French Cheese Display - Photo by Elisa Michelet on Unsplash
French Cheese Display iN a restaurant. Photo credit: Elisa Michelet on Unsplash


Even if there is no cheese course mentioned on the menu, chances are usually excellent that you can get your fix of chevre, camenbert or a local specialty you may have never heard of. Just ask for it: “Fromage, s’il-vous-plaît?”