Postcard from France: It’s always time for Baguette

Mais oui, baguette needs to fresh. That’s why it’s always time for baguette in Paris.
Look for Boulangerie Artisanale. Bon Appétit.

Did you know that Parisians buy baguette throughout the day?

Mais oui, baguette needs to fresh. Therefore, Parisians, as most French, with easy access to bakeries, are frequent customers. Baguette is purchased typically at least twice: Once for breakfast and another time for dinner.

Lunch at home? Gotta get another baguette, or two, maybe three if guests are coming.

Mais oui aussi: It’s okay to eat it one right away. Even just plain a good artisanal French baguette tastes great ‘naked’ — although it’s even better with French butter, ideally home-made jam, a terrine (if you are a meat lover) and obviously “avec fromage” (with cheese).

How can you tell a baguette is great? Look for bakeries with a line outside the door. And “Boulangerie Artisanale” indicates artisanal production. No par-baked or pre-frozen baguettes there, but let’s be honest, even a French supermarket baguettes beats what most of us are used to.

Now you know why it’s always time for baguette in Paris. And don’t forget to look for an authentic Boulangerie Artisanale.
Bon Appétit.

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