Postcard from Amsterdam: Westerkerk

Postcard from Amsterdam: Westerkerk

Westerkerk is the biggest church in Amsterdam, built from 1619 to 1631.

Westerkerk is easily translated from Dutch into English into “The Western Church”. It is Amsterdam’s most important Protestant church and its impressive bell tower – the Westerkerk Tower (in Dutch: Westertoren) remains until today the pride of Amsterdam, regarded by many, as the city symbol.

Probably for the reason that their land is so flat, the Dutch love towers. The much admired 85m/275ft high Westerkerk Tower, built in 1638, dominates above most of the Old City centre. Viistor may also climb the Westerkerk Tower and enjoy a truly unique view of Amsterdam from its balcony.

Westerkerk is open to visitors all year round from 10 am until 3 pm. Westerkerk Tower is open to visitors from April to October. Both – the church and the tower, are closed to visitors on Sunday.

Each Sunday at 10.30 A.M., there is a religious service held at the church.

Westerkerk is often the venue for classical music concerts, remarkable with the church exceptional acoustics. What better place than Westerkerk for the final highlight performance for our 2023 Springtime travelers.

For a virtual tour of Westerkerk, click here.

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