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WRA in Italy 2024 Performances

Monday, March 18, St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican) at 5 pm — featured guest choir for Mass

Thursday, March 22, Certoso di Pontignano (Tuscany) at 5 pm

Saturday, March 23, San Francesco di Assisi (Assisi), at 11 am — featured guest choir for Mass

Sunday, March 24, Teatro dell’ Accademia di Tuoro (Umbria) at 5 pm — with Coro Polifonico S. Maria Maddalena di Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Monday, March 25, Sala dei Notari, Perugia (Umbria), at 6 pm — Opening Event for Festival Musical dal Mondo — Exchange concert with local high school students from the Liceo Scientifico G. Galilei di Perugia

Italy Preview: What awaits WRA in March

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    Incantato – Insights for OCYC
  • Incantato – Insights for OCYC

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