Epic Italian Eats: Pappa al Pomodore

Epic Italian Eats: Pappa al Pomodore

Who doesn’t love authentic Italian food?
You’ve surely heard of the iconic Bistecca Fiorentina as a must-try dish in Florence, Tuscany.
This ginormous steak is every meat lover’s dream. If done right, it’s worth the €€€ expense.

But there’s another local dish that stole my heart – from the first time I dipped my spoon into it.

Originally peasant food, since it’s made from accessible and inexpensive ingredients, this humble bowl of happiness is known as Pappa al Pomodoro. Made of left-over bread and perfectly ripe tomatoes, it’s simply delicioso. This traditional, regional specialty is garnished with olive oil and fresh basil leaves. 

It’s a perfect example of why we recommend ordering what’s local and in season wherever you go.
You can easily make this Tuscan classic fall, winter and spring dish at home. All you need is some high-quality tomatoes (or tomato sauce) — ideally from Italy or even better home-made — and left over, already dry bread such as crispy baguette or country bread, plus a very good olive oil. Always add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil on top. Your Pappa should be swimming in it. Basil leaves, fresh-ground pepper and, if you like it spicy, chili flakes are optional. 

If you’d like to make Pappa al Pomodoro from scratch, here’s a great recipe.

Even better is tasting this delicious Tuscan side dish or main course, that’s also perfectly suited for vegetarians and vegans, in Florence and the surrounding areas. Our favorite Pappa al Pomodoro is served at Vinandro in Fiesole.

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