iN Madrid: Enjoy a Flamenco Show at a Tablao

iN Madrid: Enjoy a Flamenco Show at a Tablao

Flamenco show in Spain
Flamenco show in Spain — captured by Steve Wylie.

Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is undoubtedly one of THE Flamenco destinations — with live flamenco shows awaiting you every evening.
Experience Flamenco at some of the most famous “tablaos” (flamenco clubs) in the world, and you’ll understand why Madrid is such an important ‘destination’ for dancers who want to succeed in this art.

In Madrid’s city centre, you’ll find plenty legendary and traditional flamenco places.

El Corral de la Morería, Café de Chinitas, Casa Patas, Torres Bermejas, El Corral de la Pacheca and El Cardamomo tablao flamenco are among the best know, but we also have some other favorites that we highly recommend to our travelers visiting Madrid.

Have a drink (it doesn’t have to be wine), eat some tapas or, if you must, have dinner while watching a show that brings authenticity, passion and feeling to the stage by a group of dancers and musicians that are often from the same family — or have been working together for years.

Madrid’s flamenco clubs don’t close their doors until the early morning hours. But if you still didn’t get enough and don’t want the party to end, thereafter, you can always visit one of many flamenco-style bars where locals and visitors alike are encouraged to start dancing and clapping spontaneously. During the week, many of these bars also organize concerts and live performances. Be prepared to pay a cover charge.

Traveling with children or not into late night out? Our team can recommend Flamenco shows in Madrid that offer an early show, too — or we can organize a private performance, with backstage access and even a Flamenco workshop, too.

iNSIDE(r) TIP: If possible, opt for a Flamenco show without lunch/dinner included as most tablaos do excel at dancing, but not so much on the food.

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