Kalimera: Yes, Greece is open for travelers!

Kalimera: Yes, Greece is open for travelers!

Good morning in Greek is Kalimera.

And every morning, since I arrived in Greece on May 24, 2021 has been a great one!
Obviously also the rest of the day; plus those sumptuous Greek family-style dinners that may well last a few hours and become some of the most memorable moments of your vacation.

The pictures featured in this story are just a few of so many magical, memorable moments. The sunrise over Elounda (Greek: Ελούντα), the hand-painted vintage bakery sign from Oia (also known as Ia) and the fluffy typical Santorinian bread served at many tavernas. Corn flour gives it its yellow color and a sweet taste.

“Health First” Approach by and for Greece

Charoúmena is Greek for happy which is a sentiment shared by everyone I have encounters. Since mid-May of 2021, Greece is finally open again for travelers as Europe is re-opening step by steps: With a “health first” approach — understandably.

We (our local hosts Dimos, Irini and I) have been welcomed with open arms and smizes aka smiling eyes everywhere we went: at hotels, restaurants, cafés, markets and attractions. Yes, everyone still has to wear masks, locals and also visitors, but that is doable. And

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Curious to learn more about experiencing Greece with us?

Take a look at our “Greece is the word” destination page. We included a sample itinerary for reference, but every Inside Europe experience is always personalized for you, our travelers.

Antío gia tóra — Good bye for now with a fun video from the Greek tourism board titled “All you want is Greece”.

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