Germany Travel Insider: Würzburg is simply wunderbar

Germany Travel Insider: Würzburg is simply wunderbar

A little hard to pronounce if you’re not a native German speaker, but the historic highlight city of Würzburg is without a doubt a must-experience when visiting Germany.

Have you been? No yet? You’re missing out if you haven’t enjoyed a glass of Franconian wine amongst locals as the sun sets over the river wine or strolled through the cobble-stone streets marveling at the myriad of landmarks. Make sure to include a visit to the Würzburger Residenz, the stunning palace is in the UNESCO World Heritage list for many a good reasons. Then there’s Fortress Marienberg, impressive historic wine cellars and state-of-the-art wine-making for a great cause, welcoming cafés and excellent restaurants…

Würzburg Travel Tips from our Friends

Curious to learn more about Würzburg, Germany? Follow some of our friends on their journeys to this beautiful city close to Frankfurt, Stuttgart and also connected by high-speed train to Munich.

Sarah Dandashy of agrees with our recommendations: “Würzburg, Germany 🇩🇪 If you haven’t been, it should be on your list! Being wine country, there is this laid back vibe of the town. Of course, there is plenty of history… Würzburg can’t simply be summed up in a few words… it has to be experienced. There’s much to do, and I’ll surely be back…”

Megan and Scott of compiled an extensive list of “All the Incredible Things to See in Würzburg” while Kristin and Jason Rutledge of keep it short and sweet with their post on “5 Must-Dos in Würzburg”.

Why Würzburg is a Year-Round Destination

When’s the best time to visit Würzburg? Just like Germany, the town of Wuerzburg (as it’s also sometimes spelled with ue) is a year-round destination.

Our Inside Europe recommendation is to plan your trip around one of the many festivals with Kiliani, the almost 1,000 year-old bierfest held annually in July, being one of our favorites. A smaller beer fest kicks of the spring season in March, followed by impressive cherry and magnolia blossoms and then honestly, there’s one fun event followed by the next all the way through winter when the Würzburger Weihnachtsmarkt brings Christmas cheer and fare to the old town square for almost a month.

To sum it up, Würzburg is simply wunderbar and should be on your Germany bucket list. Oh ja, we’re biased at Inside Europe with the vibrant university town being also the home of our European headquarter since 2021 — for the city’s special flair and perfect location in the heart of it all.

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