Greece is the Word

Sing in Crete + Athens

  • When

    From LAX: Air-Land travelers depart June 21 to Heraklion, Crete and return June 28, 2023 from Athens. Land-Only starts June 22, 2023 on the island of Crete.

  • Who

    Singers, Alumni, Family & Friends of the Choirs directed by Mr. Michael Ushino traveling as the Southern California Choral Ambassadors

  • Where

    Beautiful Greece: Starting with four days on the incredible island of Crete followed by two days in Athens, the Greek capital city

  • Greece Travel Insider: Delicious Local Eats in Crete

    Greece Travel Insider: Delicious Local Eats in Crete

  • Sing in Crete: Sunday Concert at the Venetian Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

    Sing in Crete: Sunday Concert at the Venetian Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul

  • Greece Travel Insider: Should You Fly or Take a Ferry between Crete and Athens?

    Greece Travel Insider: Should You Fly or Take a Ferry between Crete and Athens?

Concert Updates

Greece is THE Word

Don’t just visit the Greek island of Crete and Greece’s capital city of Athens, but experience these beautiful, historical places with all your senses — on this special eight day/six night one-of-a-kind concert tour created for singers, alumni, family & friends of Mr. Ushino’s choirs at San Juan Hills HS –touring as the Southern California Choral Ambassadors.

Travel back in time as you learn about ancient civilizations, walking across 2,000 year old stones, explore the Acropolis, the Palace of Knossos, and more. Meet Greek high school students at their schools, make new friends over yummy food and we’re sure your concerts will enchant locals and other travelers alike.  While in Crete, your home base will be a beach resort, and in Athens, you’ll stay close to the historic center. In addition to major sights, shops, great restaurants and some of the best gelato in town is right nearby. Plus, there’s a rooftop terrace to enjoy.

Greece is one of those magical places that offers something special for everyone, and we look forward to giving you an immersive cultural experience to this beautiful country and its welcoming people  — whether you are a first time visitor or a returning traveler. June is a good time, too — it’s not too crowded nor should it be too hot yet.

With Inside Travel Experiences, you’ll discover and enjoy Greece like never before, on a highly personalized journey, following our traveler’s interests & passions.

See major sights, but also take the roads less traveled, by exploring smaller towns in Crete and Athens neighborhoods away from the tourist crowds with your Inside Travel Experiences host. Travel like a local with the locals.

Eat incredible Greek and Cretan food. Taste delicious olive oil, cheeses, yoghurts, ice-cream… Enjoy stunning scenery, visit one-of-a-kind monuments including Athens’s stunning Acropolis. And why not shop just a little, too. Get keepsakes made in Greece, unique and hard to find anywhere else.

The Inside Travel Experiences Concierge Team will further personalized this first itinerary based on the performance opportunities, but also for you, our travelers and based on your interests, passion and travel-style. That’s even more true or our so-called shadow tour journeys alongside. On this vacation experience, we’ll include recommendations for individual exploring, additional sightseeing, top restaurants (with reservations), our favorites cafés and share priceless tips to make your visit to Greece stress-free and most memorable.

  • Insider Access

    Skip lines as you visit “Europe’s oldest city”,  as the Palace of Knossos in Crete is often calledthe most important centre of the Minoan civilization. Explore the Acropolis, one of best known UNESCO World Heritage sights, with an archeologist showing you the original Nike ‘swoosh’ and first ever ‘lego’ stone.

    This one-of-a-kind Greece journey will be highly personalized for you, our travelers.

    Plus, you’ll get access to our Inside Travel Experiences travel app with even more individual insider tips for those moments when you are exploring on your own.

    Feel like splurging? Ask about Epic upgrades to the iconic Blue Palace Hotel in Elounda or the Grande Bretagne in Athens.

Magical Music Memories 

Traveling together on a concert tour is much more than just seeing sights and singing in beautiful, historical places. It’s the perfect occasion to broaden your horizon as become an explorer — while spending quality time with friends and family. You’ll make magical memories as you discover stunning places together: with deep cultural roots, incredible food, stunning scenery, and welcoming locals. Plus, by participating in local events, you’ll become part of the festive celebrations and contribute to international understanding in meaningful ways: through the universal language of music.

Greece is one of our favorite destinations, because no visit is ever the same.

Even if you’ve been there before, there is always more to see and experience — every one of our journeys is as unique as you, our travelers.

Greece is THE Word 2023 — Experience preview:

  • Embark on a carefully planned Greek concert tour journey that will be personalized to your interests, passions and travel style.
  • Bi-lingual Inside Travel Experiences Host and Concert Manager
  • Sight-Sleeping stay in a modern, Cretan seaside resort (3 nights) and comfortable safe, 4 star hotel stay close to Athens city center (2 night)
  • Overnight ferry from Iraklion to Athens
  • Modern coach transportation from/to airports, for sightseeing, concerts etc.
  • XXL buffet breakfasts daily
  • We’ll help you skip the line and get priority entrances to museums and major attractions.
  • Great authentic culinary experiences!
    We are foodies at Inside Travel Experiences and share favorites. Make sure to come hungry.
  • Experience a worry-free and most memorable time on Crete and in Athens
  • Musical wow moments that will create memories to last a lifetime
  • Exclusive Inside Travel Experiences app with travel tips and VIP recommendations

Inside Travel Experiences in the News

  • "An Inside Travel Experiences tour is like traveling with the perfect companion. A more adventurous friend who entices you out of your comfort zone and toward unique local experiences. Or, if you are an adventurer, a kindred spirit with the insider knowledge to score soccer tickets, and much more. And ohhh the food ...!"

Our promise to you: We’ve been where we are taking you – again and again. Not just for ‘work’, but also with our friends and family.
We love Greece so much, that we visited four times in two years, and only one journey was officially hosted.
Your travels are personal for us at Inside Travel Experiences and none of our journeys is ever the same.

We proudly partner with the Greek and regional tourism boards.

  • "No words can express how thankful I am for all you did to make our family's trip the journey of a lifetime."

    Lindsay PriceHuntington Beach, CA
  • Come Hungry + Thirsty to Greece

    We are foodies at Inside Travel Experiences, and so are the Greeks! Great local eats and drinks await you in tavernas, street sides cafés, bars, on uber-chic rooftop terraces and anywhere between.  Eating well is an essential part of daily Greek life — and you are cordially invited to join the feasting. The mediterranean cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. So eat, drink, repeat — as you experience authentic Greek hospitality. Eat at our favorites places, plus  you’ll get a personalized travel app with tips for those moments when you want to be on your own.

    Don't read this if you're on a diet.