• Sing in the Sistine Chapel 


    Make Europe Your Stage: Cremona

Feel welcome, safe and at ease touring across Europe:  Visit magical places that will take your breath away as you perform on prime stages.
You’ll experience insider access, professional marketing, expert guides, and ohhh… the food!

Make Europe Your Stage with Incantato Concert Tours by Inside Travel Experiences.

Girls taking a selfie at Paris Eiffel Tower

The Inside Travel Experiences Differences

  • We've Been There

    Destination Expertise

    We've Been There

    Our caring team is one of the best traveled in the travel industry! We’ve been everywhere that we take you, again and again. Unlike others, Inside Travel Experiences never outsource your experiences to others. We’ve always got your back.

  • Concert Comes First

    Our Priority

    Concert Comes First

    We take pride in professional performance management and P.R. — keys to welcoming audiences wherever you perform. We confirm concerts first, to ensure prime locations and then design your journey around these highlights.

  • Perform with Purpose

    Impact Travel

    Perform with Purpose

    Contribute to international understanding through the universal language of music. We partner with renowned festivals and organizations across Europe. No fake festival events ever for our travelers! You deserve the real thing.

  • Make Memories

    'Live' Updates

    Make Memories

    On tour, you’ll make unforgettable musical memories to last a lifetime, captured by our team and professional photographers. Want ‘live’ updates while on tour? We’ve got you covered: from prime concerts to impromptu gigs.

  • "I want to thank your team for the wonderful, thoughtful, detail-oriented tour to London, Paris and Rome. It was really everything you promised... and then some! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL.

    Bruce KolihaDirector, Monte Vista HS Choirs, Danville, California
  • "Please accept my thanks for a wonderful tour. I was very pleased with all the concert and travel arrangements, and the publicity generated excellent audiences throughout the week. The experience was excellent. Please share my appreciation with your entire team for a job very well done!

    Dr. Joshua HabermannFrost School of Music, University of Miami, Florida
  • "These tours are so amazing! A once in a lifetime opportunity! Those who get to go are so blessed."

    Birdie Forsythe Bel Canto of Monte Vista HS, Danville, California
  • "Great singing venues, great hotels, great food, great friends! Looking forward to the next adventure!"

    Stephen SchulistMater Dei Catholic HS Vocal Artists, Santa Ana, California
  • "Thank you for an outstanding, wonderful tour to Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic – exceptionally well designed and executed. It makes me want to start planning the next one already. I can assure you that we would not want to go on another concert tour with anyone else. You provided the best guides we ever had, and the best bus driver. Since they set the tone for the entire tour, your choices were perfect. Venues, organization and planning were all top notch and greatly appreciated by all. Hotel were outstanding, and the upgrades that you recommended made all the difference. Please accept a great THANK YOU to you and to all your staff.

    Scott YoungsMinister of Music, All Saints Episcopal Choir, Phoenix, Arizona

From Castles to Cathedrals

Embark on a virtual pre-tour of our iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS. The destinations and experiences are an introduction to our unique offerings that continuously evolve - with and for our traveling ensembles. To ensure the exclusivity of our experiences, we don't share all of our special places online. Guess you'll just have to experience it for yourself!

  • Authentic Artistic Experiences

    One-of-a-kind stages await you iN Europe:
    Impressive cathedrals, beautiful churches, intimate chapels, historical theaters, and, if you wish, ultra-modern concert halls.

    Professional performance set-up and high-touch concert marketing set iNCANTATO apart. Rest assured, your experiences are never outsourced to third parties, as is the standard for our competitors.

    No matter where you start or end your performance tour, you’ll be welcomed by an appreciative audience, make music in magical settings and delight iN incredible acoustics that are almost impossible to find outside of Europe.

    Make EUROPE Your Stage with iNCANTATO!

Incantato Concert Tours
by Inside Travel Experiences


Perform on prime stages across Europe:
at beautiful cathedrals, historical palaces, or stunning theaters 

– all with great acoustics and welcoming audiences.

While visiting us online, we’ll invite you on a virtual journey to our European destinations. Discovering experiences and magical moments our traveling ensembles have made in the past. Be inspired for the one-of-a-kind journey our team of performance tour experts can create for you next. The photos and videos you see are always the real thing – taken by travelers, team members and professional photographers.

France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK, but also Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland,(plus the smaller countries in-between), all are part of our European destination portfolio.

Our Inside Travel Experiences travel experiences are always passion and people-centric.

Each journey is carefully crafted anew by our experts, for your ensemble!

We’ve been there, seen it all, heard glorious harmonies in incredible venues…
now it’s your turn!

Our Destinations + Partners

Collaboration and continuing educations is key for us at Inside Travel Experiences and our iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS experiences.

  • Incantato – Insights


    Every ensemble is different, and so should be your European concert tour.

    Don’t compromise values and lifestyle when touring!

    We craft one-of-a-kind musical tours to beautiful destinations iN Europe, with curated, personalized experiences fitting to your way(s). Your tour is created around your interests, specific goals and passions, and paired with our insider knowledge.

    Each iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS journey is as unique as your choir, orchestra or band!

    The iNSIDE EUROPE Difference

    iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS is our signature brand for one-of-a-kind performance experiences iN Europe for choirs, orchestras and bands.
    ‘Make Europe Your Stage’ at beautiful cathedrals and churches, iN theaters, castles or palaces. Sing at the Vatican, perform for Pope Francis, play in a jazz club in Prague, or take the stage at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

    Incantato – Insights
  • Incantato – Insights


    Let us ‘worry’ about parents, family members, friends and donors. Our iNSIDE EUROPE travel experts take excellent care of your entourage, making sure they never miss a performance. We will happily entertain everyone during busy times or bonding opportunities for the musicians.

    Parallel ‘groupie’ vacations build community and make excellent fundraisers for scholarships.

    Why go on a 'shadow tour'

    Performance tours are hard work for the performers and directors alike, but we ensure that everyone has a great time, too.

    Daily schedules are dynamic and tailored to each ensemble’s preferences whenever the logistic allow.

    Incantato – Insights

iN Good Company

  • "Extraordinarily meaningful! Being able to perform choral music in historic venues with standing-room only audiences is simply awe-inspiring."

    – Dr. Jeffrey BrookeyLa Cañada Flintridge, CA
  • "What wonderful opportunities for our singers – the experience of cultural exchange. I love the richness of your programs and their value to young people!"

    – Wendy GreenleafSan Marino, CA
  • "No other tour company can match the care, professionalism and experience creation like Inside Travel Experiences! I have recent nothing but rare reviews from parents."

    – Scott MelvinMater Dei Catholic High School, CA

Make Europe Your Stage?

 Concert Tour Inspirations

Welcome, willkommen, bienvenue, hola… to a special Incantato edition of our blog.

Take a look on our blog for  favorite stories and travel advice
As an encore: Embark on a trip down memory lane with photos and videos from Incantato Concert Tours past.


Who better than our very own travelers to share what iNCANTATO, by Inside Travel Experiences, is all about?

  • “No other tour company can match the care, professionalism and experience creation like Inside Travel Experiences.

    From the unbelievable venues to the incredible food, our students and and families were treated to daily feasts, each better than the last. And at each venue, we were welcomed by the community because of the present and carriage of the iNCANTATO staff in preparing and publicizing our events.

    Our travelers ranged from age 1-91 and the ability of your company to pace the tour in a way that supported each traveler was quite impressive. I have received nothing but rave reviews and people can’t wait to sign up for the next trip! Our sincere thanks to the entire team for amazing experiences, every time!”

    – Scott Melvin
    Director of Performing Arts, Mater Dei Catholic HS, Santa Ana, California

    ITALY 2008, 2016 – GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SLOVENIA + ITALY 2011 – SPAIN 2018

  • “Thank you for a wonderful Chamber Choir Tour. I’m thinking about the wonderful experience this opportunity was for each of the singers, as their beautiful music is playing in my head.
    I love the richness of your programs and their value to young people – the anticipation and bonding over preparation and adventure, the lived experience of cultural exchange und universality of musical experience, and the lifetime of memories  – over the years whether they travel back to Spain and Portugal or recall this in conversations with other travelers that ‘they were there’. What a gift, thank you.”

    – Wendy Greenleaf
    San Marino, CA
  • iNCANTATO by Inside Travel Experiences has provided the La Canada High School Choral Artists extraordinarily meaningful European performance tours. In 2015, the choir toured Spain. The absolute best part of our tour was the performance opportunities. Being able to perform choral music in historic venues with standing-room only audiences is simply awe-inspiring, and Sandra makes that happen with every tour. The most memorable performances: Mass at Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, a concert in a quaint, beautiful church in Cuenca, a recital at the Montserrant Abbey and La Sagrada Familia, and our final concert at Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, in Barcelona. The tour was wonderful and with touring in Europe, I have complete confidence and trust with Sandra and Incantato.”

    – Dr. Jeffrey Brookey
    La Cañada Flintridge High School Choirs
  • “It was a true pleasure working with iNCANTATO on our Italy Choir and VIP Tour for Chapman University. Their team is very detail oriented and surpassed many of our expectations. I would recommend iNCANTATO to anyone planning a concert or performance tour.”

    – Rick Christophersen
    Director Conservatory of Music at Chapman University, Orange, California


  • "An Inside Travel Experiences tour is like traveling with the perfect companion. A more adventurous friend who entices you out of your comfort zone and toward unique local experiences. Or, if you are an adventurer, a kindred spirit with the insider knowledge. And ohhh the food ...!"

    – Lynne CooperLa Cañada Flintridge
  • ““I can’t speak highly enough about iNCANTATO. They were with us every step of the way, tailoring an Ireland performance tour that was perfect for our wants, needs and budget. I recommend INCANTATO, especially if you want an experience that provides wonderful indelible memories of the best that a tour can be.””

    – Stan deWittGrace First Presbyterian, Long Beach, CA
  • “After a successful tour of Ireland, I can say without a doubt that this was my finest tour experience. I have used several different tours companies in my years of performance tours, and none have matched the attention to detail, the thoughtful planning, excellent venues & marketing, meal & hotels, and overall management by Incantato Tours. Their pricing was excellent, and when the US currency dropped, they did not raise any of our cost. I would recommend this company to anyone planning a tour, whether they are a large professional ensemble, or a small church choir.”

    – Nathan Kreitzer
    Santa Barbara City College, California


  • “We had the wonderful opportunity to go to Spain, sing in great venues, experience an amazing culture, and eat great food. There is always a special element of magic that happens with iNCANTATO.”

    – Dr. Andrew Crane
    California State University, San Bernadino, CA
  • “Thank you for a wonderful tour opportunity for Magical String West, and for posting and sharing so I could follow along. The director really liked the tour and seems very pleased with it. She rates it 10/1! Wow! Appreciate all your hard work for my clients.”

    – Debby Leong BRAVO TRAVEL
    Los Altos, California
  • “"Our England + Ireland tour with iNCANTATO was unforgettable. They were able to not only secure for us the most popular and magnificent venues but also the hidden gems and special places only a company with passion and dedication can find. My Women’s Ensemble and Handbells (and even the parents) are still talking about the trip and all the wonderful memories. It has invigorated my program and I am deeply proud."

    – Brian DehnCornelia Connelly HS, Anaheim, California
  • “Canticum Novum, the tour choir of Central Church in Phoenix just completed its most successful tour in 35 years of concertizing abroad, solely due to the excellent management of iNCANTATO. Their attention to every detail, response to every request, superb international Staff, and excellence in concert management are singularly distinctive. Theirs is a professional concert management group who are also excellent providers of travel services. That is a distinctive difference. Travel agents are for travel; iNCANTATO provides concert management in stunning venues, and the organizational minutia supporting these artistic events in addition to fine-tuned travel experiences filled with special amenities. If music making in superb acoustical spaces to wonderfully receptive audiences is your priority, iNCANTATO is the professional tour group for your ensemble.”

    – Donald E. Morse, Donald. E. Morse, Central United Methodist Church, Phoenix, AZ


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