•  Family Journeys


  •  Family Journeys


  •  Family Journeys


  •  Family Journeys


  •  Family Journeys


The Best Moments in Life Are Shared!

Bring your kids, the grandparents, cousins, and everyone else you like to be with to Europe on a journey as unique as your ‘bunch’.

Make Memories together! Enjoy destinations, share experiences, eat well + have fun.

As travelers, parents, foodies, and European destination experts, we ensure that everyone in your family has a great time iN Europe.
Feel welcomed, safe and at ease visiting beautiful places we cannot wait to return to.

We have been there – with our kid, the relatives and even great-grandma!
Let’s craft your next family journey. 

  • By Invitation Only

    Unique Vacation Experiences for You + Yours

    Spend quality time together with the people you like. Every Inside Travel Experiences Family Journey is crafted anew with personalized experiences for you, our actual travelers and the people you invite to travel alongside. This way, everyone enjoys what they love while on vacation iN Europe.

  • Peace of Mind

    Destination Expertise: We've Been Everywhere

    Feel welcomed and safe visiting places we cannot wait to return to. Every aspect of your families’ journey is carefully matched, from hotels with rooftop bars, spa, golf course or playground, to a designated driver and even a nanny. And that is just the beginning!

  • Bon Appetit!

    Great Food: From Street Food to Michelin Star

    Make sure to come hungry. We are foodies at Inside Travel Experiences, excited to share some of the world’s favorite foods and restaurants! Your tastes and preferences set the menus. If anyone’s a vegan or eats gluten-free, they’ll experience local, regional specialties, too! We even ‘serve’ Michelin-Star kids’ meals!

  • Great Memories

    For Us, Even the Tiniest Moments Matter

    Experience expertise and care throughout the journey. Leave the logistics and worries to us and enjoy making memories to last a lifetime. Your caring hosts are your concierge, translators, and fun companions. We offer professional photographer services, too.

  • "An unbelievably great vacation: full of expertise and personal touches!"

    Jenne Schwarz
  • "An amazing trip, thank you so much for the memories"

    Cydney Motia

Family Memories for a Lifetime

Every Family Journey is crafted exclusively for you and your inner circle! Whether you are celebrating a milestone, retracing your roots or just need a relaxing break, our team crafts your very own family journey. Let's spark your inspiration!

  • Milestone Experiences

    Celebrate iN Europe

    The greatest moments in life are best when shared with friends or family.

    While no traveling party is too large for Inside Travel Experiences (as you see pictured here), our offer to craft a special milestone experience for you and yours can start already for a friends or family group of 15 or more. A special birthday, vow renewal, holy communion, anniversary, retirement, or an after-graduation trip – the reasons to celebrate with friends and family in Europe are endless. Convincing people to come along should be a breeze.
    Reunite abroad in a most meaningful way as you spend quality time together traveling to beautiful destinations across Europe, big cities and small magical places – your way, and with all the trimmings.

    Can’t agree on where to go? Ask us about our Inside Travel Experiences mystery journeys for friends and families, too! 

  • Culinary Getaways

    Eat, Drink, Repeat – with a dedicated driver and nanny!

    We love to travel together, for a myriad of reasons.

    Step back in time as you taste authentic, regional specialties, cheer with great wine, craft beer and champagne, stay at one-of-a-kind hotels, and get away from it all…

    Experience an incredible value for your money as we wine and dine you across Europe’s greatest culinary destinations. A week iN Italy, Spain, Portugal or Germany with epic eats and lots to drink, can be less than what you spend for a weekend in Napa or New York City.

    How about ‘hunting’ for truffles iN Piedmont, Italy or diving for ocean-aged-wine iN Spain’s Basque Country? 

  • Spiritual Journeys

    Deepen Your Faith

    We are proud to be as unique as the experiences we are offering.

    Trace the story of your favorite Saint(s) on a spiritual journey in his or her footsteps, making meaningful connections with fellow believers along the way.

    Unlike others, we create each pilgrimage from conception to completion, offering insider access to cathedrals, churches, and shrines that matter most to you and yours.

    We gladly organize private masses, unique spiritual opportunities, (including front row seats for the Papal Audience), and performance opportunities for church choirs.

    How about sight-sleeping iN a luxury spa hotel that was once a nunnery?

Our Destinations + Partners

Collaboration and continuing educations is key for us at Inside Travel Experiences and iNCANTATO CONCERT TOURS.

Who is coming with you?

For us, it doesn’t just matter where you want to go or what you want to do. We really care about who you are, who’s coming along and why!

Family Journeys are our specialty — and we can share many a personal tale, from traveling with a toddler to having great grandma come along, too.

Our experiences are original, passion and people-centric. Each journey is specifically created by our team, for you, our actual travelers!

Travel Better Together with Inside Travel Experiences. 


    Why compromise your lifestyle when traveling?
    We craft unique, one-of-a-kind journeys iN Europe, with curated, personalized experiences to fit your preferences. Your expedition will be created around your passions and paired with our insider knowledge.
    Our journeys are as unique as you and yours!

    Why Inside Travel Experiences?
    Europe (Y)Our Way [Family + Friends]

iN Good Company

  • "No words can express how thankful I am for all you did to make Ireland the trip of a lifetime."

  • "Italy was fantastic! My husband says that, honestly, that was one of the best weeks of his life - that's pretty big!"

  • "An amazing trip, thank you so much for the memories"


Where in Europe do you want to go?

Pantheon Rome Inside Europe

GIOIA Italy – First Overview

  • Four Days in Rome & at the Vatican

    Welcome to Italy: Benvenuti!

    Your Italy 2024 experience starts in the capital city of Rome.
    Stroll through the historic center, see major sights and local neighborhoods up close — and from your hotels’ beautiful rooftop terrace. Shop for unique gifts, made in Italy.  Hear OCYC sing at St. Peter’s Basilica and at a beautiful Roman church. Visit the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel and tour the Colosseum with the Roman Forum. Let’s not forget all the great food + drinks awaiting you in the Eternal City.

    GOIA stays at Mama Shelter Rome for three nights.
    Epic upgrade travelers are making Indigo St. George their Roman home away from home.

  • Umbria Experiences

    Explore Perugia, Assisi and smaller charming villages

    Next destination is Umbria, the “Green Heart of Italy”.  With charming Perugia + Assisi, being the places you may have already heard of, but also smaller charming villages. You’ll spend four nights in this stunning region off the beaten path. OCYC will be a featured performer in the renowned Musica dal Mondo festival – with concerts and recitals we’ll make sure you won’t miss.

    In Umbria, GIOA travelers check-in at Posta Donini  and the EPIC upgrade brings you to Nun Relais & Spa.

  • Come Early or Stay Longer?

    It won't be easy to say Ciao!

    You’ll bring back memories to last a lifetime from even just a little over week in Italy. GIOIA, like the main choir tour, concludes on June 11, 2024 with same day arrival at LAX for our Air-Land travelers. Early arrival and extension opportunities are being offered.

    This itinerary is a an overview of the activities being planned.