• Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • Cheers to Hoppy Times!

    It’s always five o’clock in Europe. Who’s thirsty?

  • It’s always five o’clock iN Europe

    Cheers to Hoppy Times!

Ready for a Beercation?

We are craft beer lovers, travel experts and honestly, always very thirsty — and often hungry, too. Our Inside Travel Experiences Beer Tours are never-ending tastings of freshly brewed local Pils, Weissbier, but also IPAs — beer-centric vacations best enjoyed in good company: with friends, family or colleagues. 

There are many great stories to share behind each beer and the people who hand-craft and drink them!

Experience what’s on your bucket list and much more!
Every Inside Travel Experiences Beer Tour is personalized for your taste and travel style. With us, you’ll drink beer like a local, with the locals: in Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Ireland, France and even Italy or Spain and Portugal. We’ll even help with beer packing tips and know how to get your favorite local brews safely and legally back to the US.  

Cross drinkers are always welcome.

  • Cheers

    Drink with the Locals, like a Local!

    It’s always five o’clock on any Inside Travel Experiences beer tour. Happy hour starts when you’re thirsty. Taste as many local brews (with or without alcohol) as you’re craving, plus you’ll meet local beer lovers, beer brewers and passionate pub owners. Make your next vacation a beer pilgrimage with friends or a family vacation centered around your favorite adult beverage. Put on your lederhosen/dirndl and do the chicken dance (if you must)!

  • Four Beer is a Meal

    Come Hungry, Leave Happy.

    We believe that drinking beer in Europe is even better when you pair your brews with great local food. We’ll share must-try dishes in favorite places and tasty regional specialties you didn’t even know existed! Experience epic eats from street food to Michelin-Star dining and anything in between. How about a beer brunch at Spaten in Munich, or a crispy pork knuckle at Würzburg’s Kiliani beer fest?

  • Designated Driver+

    We've Been There, Again and Again.

    Experience Europe’s greatest beer destinations without worrying about logistics or how to get from one brewery to the next. Explore beautiful places that we can’t wait to return to: again and again.  We’ve been everywhere that you’ll be going on your beercation, and make sure you’ll get the VIP treatment. Our in-house beer expert has tried all the brews you’ll be drinking. Someone’s gotta do it. We call him Ted.

  • Hoppy Times

    Insider Access + VIP Connections

    There is always a fun beer festival happening, especially in Germany. We’ll take you off the beaten tourist path and into beer tents loved by locals. Experience VIP access, behind the scenes tours and exclusive beer-tasting events with fun local hosts. Leave the logistics/worries to us. Our  tour guides are fellow beer lover, acting as your traveling concierge and translator. Wether you’ll need a designated driver or a nanny for the kids, our team always got your back.

  • "Ted + Inside Travel Experiences know Belgian beers! Can't believe he doesn't have a beer belly!"

    Marco Frank – Visit Flanders
  • "I still can't believe we were the only tourists at the great beer festival you guys took us to."

    Matt Curtis
  • "Ted is very knowledgeable about beer, its making and the fun of drinking it. It’s never a dull time and he always finds interesting places to hang out. I can highly recommend Inside Travel Experiences and their tours."

    Mark PasierbPhiladelphia, PA
  • "Inside Travel Experiences put together an incredible beer experience for our bar and patrons. They know where to find, drink and enjoy great beer, like a local, with locals."

    David Sills

Hoppy Times

Combine your thirst for good beer with what's on your European bucket list. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, retracing your roots or going just for fun, our team will craft a unique beer tour for you!

  • Beercations by Inside Travel Experiences

    Cheer, Drink, Repeat.

    Most beers travel well, and so should you!

    Drink with the locals in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, and the Czech Republic. Become part of the thriving craft brewing scene in Italy, Spain, France or Portugal, plus the smaller countries in between.

    We take you wherever great beer is made in Europe by crafting one-of-a-kind hoppy times: beercation experiences for groups of friends, families, companies or brewers are what we’re known for.

    Taste your favorite European brews and sample new beers, eat great food, stay at one-of-a-kind hotels, make new friends and enjoy experiences that you’ll never forget…

  • Can't have it all?

    Taste is Personal

    Can’t drink alcohol or tolerate gluten? Not to worry. Unlike others, we craft every beer-cation just for you, our actual travelers. We don’t just ask what you like or can drink, but also what you can’t or prefer not to.
    Did you know that Germany offers over 300 gluten-free beers? They also offer a wide variety of ciders, wine and other tasty beverages, that (mostly) are naturally gluten-free.

    We mean it when we say that “we personalize”, and thus can accommodate most preferences or dietary restrictions to ensure your Inside Travel Experiences experience is to your liking.
    Want the best juice bars in town? We can help! We’ll even point you in the right direction for a good burger or other unexpected cravings you may have!

    Gluten-free Beer Cheers to that!

  • Need an Excuse?

    Celebrate iN Europe

    The greatest moments in life are best when shared with friends or family.

    Birthday, Vow Renewal, Holy Communion, Anniversary, Retirement, Graduation – the list of occasions to celebrate with great food and wine are endless! Convincing family and friends to come along should be a breeze.
    Reunite with loved-ones iN a most meaningful way as you spend quality time together traveling iN Europe – your way, and with all the trimmings.

    We promise not to tell if all you really want to do is drink great beer!

Our Beercation Destinations

  • Bier + Biere iN Belgium

    Stand up, Raise your Glass… Twice

    Cheering like the locals can become quite an exercise in Belgium where it is considered polite to stand  – in Brussels – or to raise your glass twice – in Flanders.
    Belgium is a mecca for beer enthusiasts: The small country is dotted with breweries whose traditions go back hundreds of years. Belgian styles are anything but boring – try wild and funky lambics, seasonal farmhouse saison beers, and strong ales made in monasteries.
    And when in Belgium, you get to try specialty Trappist beers produced just for local consumption. 

    Visiting Belgium is a pilgrimage for beer enthusiasts! 

    Flanders, Wallonia or both?
  • Bier iN Germany

    Prost, Sister Brewmaster!

    Germany is full of surprises, especially when it comes to beer!
    Homeland to the Reinheitsgebot, Germany is also synonymous with a tradition to “trink Bier von hier”, a beloved tradition that dates back even further. Germans prefer their local brews and if a beer can’t be properly poured in the right glass for the style or brand, than it usually doesn’t get poured at all. Jawohl!
    Brewmasters in Germany come from all walks of life, including Sister Doris, a beloved nun and respected expert in Bavaria. Speaking of women brewers, the German gals take the lead on this expertise and blow the other countries out of the water!

    What’s your Lieblings-Bier? 

  • Birra iN Italy

    Some Truffles with your Birra?

    CinCin, carissimi Amici! Who would have guessed that Italy is an emerging craft beer destination, considering all the press that Italian grape products get. Pun intended!

    Artisanal beer, once brewed in every village, was almost extinct by the 90’s. Nowadays, there are 700 birrifici artigianali and counting, plus an abundance of beer festivals to enjoy them at!

    Just like you must taste your way through authentic regional dishes to get an understanding of real Italian food, one must drink many a birra artigianale for a better understanding of the diversity.
    Now, truffle beer is something we may not ever want to taste again…

    Impress the locals by drinking a Birra Grande!

    Andiamo a bere!
  • Cerveza iN Spain

    Beer for Breakfast, Amigos?

    Cerveza Artesanal Españalo is a must-try! There are close to 1,000 microbreweries aka Microvercecería in Spain, some dating back hundreds of years! The majority, despite hardly being known outside the country, are well established and regionally cherished. New places are always popping up, too. It’s always fun to be one of the first people to check out a new hot spot.

    Sample traditional beers that you can’t get in the USA, or try creative takes on brews with sea water or even anchovies as the featured ingredient!

    If Spanish craft beer alone wasn’t tempting enough – Iberian brews are never served alone. Luckily, a tasty Tapa, a Pintxo iN Basque Country where people cheer saying “Topa!” or, like in Granada, a full-sized appetizer accompanies each pour.

    And , it’s quite common to have a beer with breakfast, although not as common as red wine.

    Some Jamón Ibérico with your Sackman cerveza in Madrid?

    Salud + Topa¡ Let's drink iN Spain!
  • BIERE iN France

    Santé: From Mont Blanc to Côte d’Azure

    Mais oui, France is home to the most Michelin-star restaurants, Chablis, Bourdeaux & Co, but also boasts a wide selection of Bière Artisanale Française. Last, but not least, the Brasserie is where the French head for happy hour and a good simple meal.

    Discovering craft beer in France is a never-ending adventure, taking you away from the beaten path and into small(er) villages of the less touristy neighborhoods of Paris, Marseille and Lyon. The French don’t talk much about their craft beer, but they sure drink a lot of it – even on top of the Mont Blanc. But that’s a longer story…

    Blonde or Amber? Which one do you like?  

    On-y-va! Bring us to France

Cheers, Prost, Santé, Salud, CinCin…

Drink with the locals, like a local!

We take you wherever great beer is made in Europe. Experience major beer destinations and festivals, but also smaller hidden gems off the beaten path that you may have never heard of.

Taste your favorite European brews right from the source! Sample new beers and styles, eat great food, and make new friends.

Our journeys are passion and people-centric – created anew by our team, for you!

Cross-drinkers are always welcome!

Our Beer Destinations

A close relationship to our destinations is key for us at Inside Travel Experiences.

What our travelers say

  • "Inside Travel Experiences made our European family vacation so full and honestly, unbelievable! An amazing trip. We can't wait to utilize their team again. Their expertise and personal touch is a balance that so few can find."

  • "Italy was fantastic! Thank you. My husband says that, honestly, that was one of the best weeks of his life - that's pretty big!"

  • "An Inside Travel Experiences tour is like traveling with the perfect companion. A more adventurous friend who entices you out of your comfort zone and toward unique local experiences... And ohhh the food!"

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