Experience a Viking Boat Tour: Trondheim By Boat

Experience a Viking Boat Tour: Trondheim By Boat

Have you ever dreamed of taking a Viking boat tour? In Trondheim, your dream becomes a reality thanks to an enterprising young woman, Amanda!

Captain Amanda in front of her boat. Photo: Terri Marshall

Welcome aboard Frøya! Named for the Norwegian Goddess of Love, Frøya glides through the city’s Nidelva River and into the Trondheim Fjord. Viewing the city from the water brings a new perspective, it’s unforgettable!

Combining her passion for boating and her hometown, Amanda developed unique boat tours. Trondheim by Boat takes you on a journey on the river Nidelva flowing through the heart of Trondheim. She also ventures into the Trondheim fjord. Along the way, you’ll see the fishmarket Ravnkloa. You’ll pass the channel area and old harbor. You’ll also see the colorful wharves of Bryggerekka and the old city bridge with its red portals of happiness.

Meet Captain Amanda

Hailing from a long line of boat captains, Captain Amanda has sailing in her DNA. She spent a year restoring a traditional Åfjordsboat from Norway’s Trøndelag region. Built using ancient techniques passed down through generations, it bears a striking resemblance to the Viking ships that were sailed more than 1000 years ago.

Cruising in the afternoon, at sunset or late night in search of the Northern Lights over the Trondheim Fjord, Amanda will share old and new tales of the town introducing you to its history, culture and people.