A Foodie’s Insider Guide to Epic Eats

Delicious Dishes You Don’t Want to Miss in Europe

From Irish scones baked by Benedictine nuns to Pappa al Pomodoro, a Tuscan tomato stew that’s simply buonissimo.
I’ll share what to eat and where to eat in Europe: Authentic dishes loved by locals that few visitors know about — worth every delicious calorie.
Don’t forget to pack those stretchy pants and leave some room for yummy edible souvenirs.

  • Let me whet your appetite for authentic European specialties LOVED by locals, but rarely tried by visitors.

  • Get insider tips for must-try local eats and splurge-worthy restaurants: Treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion.

  • Plus, I’ll share the secret to discover incredible weekday lunches that aren’t just delicious, but also a steal.

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Traveling to Europe is an experience for all senses: One of a kind sights and sounds await you. Ancient history that can still be touched thousands of years later. But, most importantly, get ready for delicious smells and delectable tastes that can’t be found anywhere else.

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  • Hey, I'm Sandra!

    I love to travel and travel for a living — making sure “Let’s all go to Europe” is always a great idea, for 20 to 200+. When it comes to food, I don’t fork around and neither should you.

    My guide’s all about eating local in Europe while taking the roads less traveled.

    p.s. Hungry for more? I’ve eaten my way across 80+ countries and six continents, but the journey’s far from done. Follow my culinary adventures  @mytraveliciouslife unless you’re on a diet.

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