Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschland, Prost + Guten Appetit.

Welcome to the homeland of fairytale castles, fast cars, incredible food beyond just wurst and sauerkraut, authentic Gemütlichkeit and never ending Wanderlust.

Whether you’re a history buff, seek to admire priceless art and incredible architecture or need a relaxing break in beautiful places with incredible food and drink, Germany’s is all that and so much more. See what’s on your bucket list in Sandra’s homeland and then some. Experience the speed rush on the autobahn or aboard the ICE train, then slow down to stroll through cobble-stoned walled medieval villages. Channel your inner Rapunzel as you visit magnificent castles, and why not make them your home away from home for a night or a few?

With us, Germany’s sure to surprise you in so many way. Good old Deutschland is still one of Europe’s best kept secrets we’ll invite you to discover.

  • Travel back to fairy-tale times

  • Be part of local life

  • Eat, drink, repeat

  • Priceless art and architecture

What’s traveling to Germany like with Inside Travel Experiences?

  • Guten Morgen Heidelberg

    Guten Morgen Heidelberg

    Did you know that German’s love great coffee? Breakfast, known as Frühstück’s a big deal. Indulge in freshly baked Brötchen and crunchy bread, delicious yogurt with fresh fruit and home-made jams — be it at a luxury five star hotel (run by the same family for generations), a modern boutique in the heart of town or a castle stay. Properly fueled, see what’s on your bucket list and then some. We can’t wait to share favorite places across Germany, including the charming Historic Highlight heritage cities. Explore local neighborhoods, get off the autobahn, meet chefs, local designers, or how about a beautiful walk with THE view? See spectacular sites close-up and without the crowds.

  • Prost + Guten Appetit

    Prost + Guten Appetit

    Oh ja, Germans are HUGE foodies! Eating out is a favorite past-time: be it at a beer garden with friends, a traditional German eatery dishing up hearty fare, or, and that may surprise you, one of over 300 Michelin starred fine dining restaurants. It’s not all about the wurst (although they are a must-try) when it comes to delicious dishes made in Germany. Local specialties are regional, seasonal and one-of-a-kind dishes tickle your tastebuds wherever you go. Thirsty? Pair your surprisingly affordable meals with German (craft) beer or a red, white or rose from the countries 13 wine regions.

  • Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

    Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

    Let’s foster your joy of anticipation aka ‘Vorfreude’ in German with some experiences awaiting you only here: a James Bond movie worthy night out at the Casino in Wiesbaden, a fairy-tale castle stay where the whole family (or just two of you) sleeps in a medieval Rapuzel tower or, how about waking up in a luxury villa in the vineyards? Wake up in beautiful one-of-a-kind places that will become your German homes away from home. We check every hotel out before you check in, and have been where your going — to ensure you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. And that’s just the beginning…

Don’t just dream about Germany,
let’s get you there!

We’ll open doors to major sights and hidden gems across Germany and dish up delicious food and drinks. Each day brings you closer to what Germany’s all about  — as you travel like a local with the locals. In beautiful Deutschland, not even the sky’s the limit: How about gliding in a hot air balloon over vineyards along the Moselle river? Your interests, passion and travel-style set the agenda. Tell us what’s on your bucket list and we’ll take it from there.

This is how we do it!

When in Germany…
Eat, Drink, Enjoy, Repeat!

Thirsty for some Riesling or a freshly brewed German beer?

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