Nice to Sea You!

What’s so great about cruising? You’ll unpack once during your journey (if you even unpack) and still get to see lots of new places.

We love traveling on beautiful ships with floating restaurants, bars, spas and more. And just like with our land-based journeys, we’ve been aboard and checked it all out before you embark. That’s why with Inside Travel Experiences, you’ll travel better together.

Embarking on a luxury expedition cruise to Antarctica’s been THE adventure of a lifetime for our family. And that’s saying a lot for us. Sandra’s been to 80+ countries and now six continents, Thea’s teen passport shows 43 stamps at 15 years, with the one from Antarctica being her favorite!

So take a look at our firsthand and unfiltered Antarctic impressions for yourself. We’d love to help you experience the beauty of the white continent, too.

Sea you soon?

Ready to play with Penguins in the Antarctic?

Or get that shot of you kayaking past gigantic icebergs for your next Christmas card?

There’s many a great reason why you won’t find a book now button for our experiences. We believe that a great vacation starts with a conversation.

Sea you soon (pun intended) aboard one of our favorite ocean cruise ships. Adios, Arriverderci & Auf Wiedersehen. Sandra, Ted and Thea for all of us at Inside Europe.

We've been where we're taking you -- and may have stepped in some penguin poop, too.

  • Top-notch Cruises

    Sea-ing is believing. We’ve been aboard the beautiful ships taking you to Antartica safely and in style. Plus, we’ve got access to special rates and perks.

  • Great Food + Drinks

    Come hungry and thirsty. Unlike the original Antarctic explorers, you’ll be wined and dined. Maybe bring those stretchy pants.

  • Journey of a Lifetime

    Antarctica is THE destination for travelers seeking to experience a magical destinations without crowds — don’t mind the penguins tho.

What's Antarctica Like: #nofilterneeded

Not only have we been where we're taking you, we're also showing you what it exploring Antartica on a luxury expedition is like: through our eyes. Our pictures and videos are usually taken on an Iphone.

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