CinCin from the Venissa Wine Resort in Venice

CinCin from the Venissa Wine Resort in Venice

How about saying Cheers (CinCin) from Venice from a one-of-a-kind wine resort? When you tell your friends that you will be staying at a vineyard in Venice, they may not believe you. Isn‘t making new discoveries what traveling is all about?

Taking the road less traveled gives you a unique perspective, especially in a tourist destination like Italy!

Burano and Mazzorbo are close enough to Venice Island, yet a world of its own. Staying here will change your view of Venice!

The true magic of the Venetian Islands is best experienced by staying overnight, as only few visitors do. And that is even more true, when you opt for one of the lesser known smaller islands, such as Murano or venture even further out. We recommend to make visiting Venice at least a two night stay, too, and to come in the off season, if possible.

A magical iNSIDE EUROPE favorite for an exclusive epic sight-sleeping experience is Venissa on Mazzorbo (right next to Burano Island). Here, you can enjoy a one-of-kind retreat amidst vineyards away from the crowds and become part of everyday authentic life in the Venetian lagoon. Watch local farmers tend to their vegetable gardens, parents bring their kids to school by boat, deliveries being made waterside, etc. – all from the comforts of unique boutique hotel: Venissa Wine Resort is a perfect fit for our exclusive iNSIDE EUROPE sight-sleeping collection.

The Venissa Estate lies on Mazzorbo, one of the three islands of native Venice, an archipelago of nature, colors, flavors, and art that also includes Burano and Torcello. Venissa is the perfect example of a walled vineyard, however in a most unusual place. The wonderful staff at Venissa includes Chiara, the resort manager, who loves to tell the guests more about the story of this one-of-a-kind project by the Bisol family.

Close to Venice, Yet in a World of its Own

The white wine vineyard and gardens on one side and a typical Venetian waterway on the other. These are the enchanting backdrops for the iNSIDE EUROPE sight-sleeping experience at Venissa Wine Resort. Offering only six rooms, we prefer to privatize this unique property exclusively for our guests. If your traveling part is larger, additional accommodations are available on Burano. Here, you stay in rainbow colored traditional fishermen‘s houses that are beautifully modernized. Perfect for families and friends, these multi-level options are just a 15 minute walk away. They managed by the same team of hospitality experts as Venissa. Luggage transportation and breakfast delivery is possible, too. We however recommend to enjoy breakfast at Venissa.

Staying here keeps our EPIC travelers close enough to Venice, but also away from the crowds to relax in a peaceful place. This is a great perk after a long journey from abroad. In addition to checking off the bucket lists sights of Venice aka ‘La Serenissima’ — Basilica San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs — Venissa Resort is a perfect base to experience local life in the lagoon, to enjoy great food and wine at the Osteria Contemporanea or another local restaurant nearby.

Curious to learn even more about Venissa Wine Resort or to stay here as part of an iNSIDE EUROPE epic travel experience? For more impressions, visit — and why not reach out to our team of caring European travel experts via email?

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