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At Inside Travel Experiences, we turn travel dreams into memories. Meet our team and see for yourself why you’ll be in great hands with us and our local hosts.

Unlike most others, we don’t just work in travel, but we live and love what we do — for decades and counting. Combined, we’ve been to over 100 countries, Sandra alone’s flown over 2 million miles and let’s not even try guessing how many beers Ted’s sampled since his high school year in Germany in the 90s.

Our Travel Love Story

It started at Oktoberfest

In 2002, we, Sandra & Ted, met in Munich, Germany — on an Oktoberfest trip. It was love at first sight: for Ted. Let’s say opposites attract! A craft beer loving engineer from PA and a German gal from wine country who worked as a reporter for the Bundesliga, met at the world’s greatest beer fest and have been traveling together ever since.

Fast forward five years, countless journeys back and forth between Europe and the US, and we finally tied the knot in Venice (not at the Venetian) in 2007. That same year, we launched our boutique travel company in New York City with the mission to make group travel to Europe better. Originally called Incantato — which turned out to be almost impossible to pronounce –, we switched to Inside Travel Experiences which sums up perfectly what our offering’s all about.

Our daughter Thea was born a year later and the main reason we moved or family and the company down south. Combined, the three of us have traveled around the world at least twice and Thea’s been to her sixth continent before starting high school. Travel’s a family thing.

With over 15 years in the happy industry of travel and 5,000+ clients, offices in the US and one in Europe, plus a never-ending bucket list, we’ve made it our mission that our guests always travel better together.

Meet the Team

  • Sandra Weinacht

    Food, Coffee, Champagne + Fast Cars

    Sandra Weinacht is the Co-Founder + President of Inside Travel Experiences. Make sure she’s had coffee before you ask here where to go next and why, or even better, meet at a local wine bar over a cold class of champagne or Franciacorta — assuming she’s not driving home (too fast).

    Follow Sandra’s travelicious discoveries in 80+ countries via @mytraveliciouslife on Instagram — mainly to Europe, but also far away expeditions like the Maldives, Kenya or Antartica.

    Once caffeinated, her other passions are cooking up a storm for always hungry teen daughter Thea, neighbors and visiting friends, at home in the Carolinas or planning the next delicious journey for her clients or the family.

    Sandra’s also the liaison for Incantato Concert Tours, setting up one-of-a-kind performance tours across Europe for renowned choirs and orchestras from the US, Canada and occassionaly Japan.

    How Sandra met Ted could be a lifetime movie if their actual rom-com reality wasn’t so much better than the network’s cheesy storylines.

  • Favorite Destinations

    I’ve loved visiting every place I got to explore for different, usually tasty reasons. If I had to pick one destination, other than Europe that I can’t wait to go back to, then that’s Kenya: the country, the people and the animals stole my heart forever.

  • Last Place(s) Visited

    Maldives this summer, via Doha, Qatar. I spend at least four months in Europe each year — to re-visit our destinations and make new discoveries!  Germany’s always a must, Greece a new favorite and Italy is usually a must re-visit.  In December, it’s Christmas Markets for sure.

  • Where to next?

    Italy’s our #1 destination again in 2024, so I’ll be spending a lot of time in Rome again — and the smaller charming villages along the roads less traveled.  Germany, Spain and Portugal are also on the list.

  • Ted Keppler

    Craft Beer, Golf + Ski

    Ted Keppler is the Co-Founder + CEO of Inside Travel Experiences.

    Find him on UnTappd for a list of his favorite craft beers or follow him via @europebeertours on Instagram for beercation inspirations — to Germany, Ireland, Belgium or the Czech Republic, plus a hoppy taste of Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    His other passions are golfing at home in the Carolinas or in Europe — preferably on links courses. In winter, he skis black pistes and moguls.

    When he’s not crunching the numbers or making new discoveries for Inside Travel Experiences Beer Tours, Ted’s brewing IPAs and German-style beers with his friend Steve.

    Find out how Ted met Sandra.

  • Favorite Destinations

    For beer: Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Ireland. For golf: Ireland and Scotland. For ski: French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

  • Last Place(s) Visited

    Greece, the Czech Republic and his three favorite German beer cities Munich, Bayreuth and Bamberg. Plus, Würzburg for the Kiliani beer festival.

  • Next on the Bucket List

    Following the Franconian craft beer trail across Bavaria, Germany and taking a close-up look at the hop production in Tettnang and Hallertau.

  • Thea

    Photography, Shopping, Exploring + History

    Thea Weinacht Keppler is Inside Travel Experiences’ youngest team member — a sophomore in high school with a lot of travel experience already.

    At just six weeks old, she traveled for the first time from the United States to Europe: Meeting the German side of the family as well as our European team. Thea visited ten countries before she was six months old, and has collected now 40+ passport stamps at 15. The tradition of visiting Germany to see family and friends continues each year.

    Over the years, Thea has found favorite locations in most cities in Europe including restaurants, cafes, museums, sights, and more. She loves all destinations and countries equally, since every place has something different and unique to offer.

  • Favorite Destinations

    Greece – The beautiful Mediterranean Sea, ancient ruins and historical landmarks.

    Germany – Grandpa, friends and the familiar German culture.

  • Last Place(s) Visited

    Germany, the Maldives, Greece, Iceland, Greenland, and Antarctica.

  • Next on the Bucket List

    Egypt, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Botswana.

  • Jennifer Cole

    Fashion, Music, Photography + Anything Vintage

    Jennifer Cole is a world-traveling professionally trained travel advisor.

    Jennifer works primarily for Nonstop Travel and is part of our West Coast team.

    She’s our airline expert and can help you score a great deal on upgrades including business and first class fares.

    When she not planning travel for others or her next dream vacation, Jen’s also a content creator and sharing highly instagramable places in mainly California on her account @traveling_jen

  • Last Place(s) Visited

    Italy, Greece and Germany

  • Next on the Bucket List

    Africa + Egypt

  • Next on the Bucket List

    Africa + Egypt

  • Stef + Massimo

    La Dolce Vita

    Stefania aka Stef and Massimo aka Maximus are synonymous with what Italy by Inside Travel Experiences is all about: La vera Dolce Vita Italiana.

    These two wonderful hosts are so much more than just colleagues, they have become dear friends over the years – Massimo even learnt how to navigate a baby stroller over cobble stones when he watched Thea while mom (and dad) took care of our travelers.

    In addition to being the head of our Italy office, Stef’s also a certified local guide in Florence, while Massimo chauffeurs travelers across the continent: in his beloved always sparkling clean motor coach or in a snazzy VIP limousine.

    In their free time, these two love to travel the world together, and they also grow their own olives and turn them into delicious oil.

  • Favorite Destinations

    The world, but also the charming Italian coastal region of Gaeta and Sperlonga where Massimo’s from originally.

  • Last Place(s) Visited

    Asia, Miami, USA and the Caribbean, for fun. Massimo’s on the European roads 10.5 months out of the year while Stef’s base is Florence, Italy.

  • Next on the List

    Stef and Massimo are counting down the days to come together to Germany, to finally visit our new European headquarters in Würzburg.

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