11 Hoppy Reasons Why Germany’s the Ultimate Beer Destination

11 Hoppy Reasons Why Germany’s the Ultimate Beer Destination

Germany is the ultimate destination for beer loving travelers.

A myriad of beloved German beer styles from Altbier to Zwickel showcase the country’s rich brewing heritage.

Trying some, or all, locally right at the source, gives beer lovers a delicious experience of the countries unique, wide spectrum of hoppy flavors, one-of-a-kind aromas, and close-up look at time honored brewing traditions.

Plus, when you embark on a German beer tour, you’ll be experiencing stunning places full of history, with great food and welcoming locals ready to say “Prost’.

Here’s 11 great reasons why you should plan to visit the homeland of Helles, Dunkles, Weissbier and many other great brews on your next beercation which we’re happy to help you plan, too.

  1. Rich Brewing Tradition: Germany’s the ultimate destination for beer travels as the country boasts a beer culture that dates back centuries, making it a dreamland for beer enthusiasts seeking authentic and time-tested brews. With well over 1500 breweries, some dating back well over 1000 years plus beer festivals being celebrated almost as long, Germany is beer paradise found and to be discovered with all senses, especially taste!
  2. Huge Variety of Brews: From crisp lagers to robust ales and refreshing wheat beers, Germany offers an unparalleled range of beer styles to satisfy every palate — making the country in the heart of Europe the ultimate beer destination. Sip traditional German lagers, a dark Dunkel, crisp Pilsener or smile at the tiny size of the traditional Kölsch before tackling a full mass of German (Weiss)Bier at a local beer fest. Speaking of…
  3. Beer Festivals Galore: Nothing beats experiencing a German beer festival when visiting Germany. And while Munich boasts the world’s largest beer festival in the fall, there’s many more opportunities year-round to join locals drinking gallons of beer alongside traditional music and eating Bavarian delights. Add the Kiliani Bierfest in Würzburg to your calendar or the Dult beer fests in Augsburg and Regensburg.
  4. Beer Gardens Everywhere: Picture yourself on a sunny day, sitting outdoors, in lush green spaces, with old and new friends raising steins of cold beer in one of Germany’s many charming beer gardens. The tradition of beer gardens is deeply rooted in German culture, and you can find them in almost every city, town, and village. We’ll be happy to share our favorites. While all the big German breweries offer beer gardens near the plants or throughout their hometowns, our favorites are the smaller, more local ones that are just a bit harder to find, but also less touristy and often even more welcoming to visitors from afar.
  5. Homeland of Beer Purity Law: Germany’s “Reinheitsgebot” (Beer Purity Law) ensures that beer is crafted with only four natural ingredients, guaranteeing a top-notch, unadulterated taste. It’s been a winning recipe for over 500 years and counting. The Reinheitsgebot has had a profound impact on German beer culture. It has become a symbol of German brewing excellence and the commitment to crafting pure, high-quality beers. Getting thirsty?
  6. Historic Breweries: Visiting iconic breweries like Weihenstephaner in Freising, Bavaria close to Munich airport. Founded in 768 AD, taking a tour of the brewery founded by Benedictine monks is like stepping into beer history. Plus, you’ll be savoring centuries of craftsmanship right from the source. The list of historic German breweries is LONG. Get a taste of creamy Hefeweizen still brewed by a nun or enjoy a crisp Bavarian Helles still made by beer loving monks at their working monastery. These are just two of the many must-trys you’ll get to taste with Inside Europe Beer Tours.
  7. Urban Craft-Beer Scene: Brewers across Germany have embraced the craft beer revolution, combining traditional German time-honored brewing techniques with innovative flavors and styles, offering a fresh twist on classic brews. Make sure to add visiting Maisel’s in Bayreuth to your German beer travel bucket list. Here, you won’t just get the widely known Maisel’s Weissbier, but also a huge selection of tasty craft beer only available locally. And if you’re interested in learning more about Germany’s small micro-breweries, we’re happy to tell you more and also take you there.
  8. Welcoming Culture: Embrace Gemütlichkeit, the uniquely German concept of welcoming visitors with warmth and friendliness, as you clink your beer glasses with locals at beer gardens, in brew pubs or at beer festivals — making memories and sharing local traditions.
  9. Family Friendly Fun: Not only can you bring you kids with you to German brew pubs, but younguns of all ages are also welcome to beer festivals (preferably during the daytime). At most beer gardens across Germany, you’ll find playgrounds and other amenities that make enjoying local brews, food and the special atmosphere a fun experience for everyone. Did you you know that the drinking age for beer (and wine) in Germany is 16?
  10. Beyond the Beer: While beer’s the highlight when going on a beercation, Germany’s vibrant cities, stunning landscapes, and rich history ensure that your trip will be an unforgettable adventure. Take a look at the Historic Highlights of Germany, 17 heritage cities where the beers always cold, and there’s so much to see, do and also drink.
  11. Easy Access: Located in the heart of Europe, Germany’s easily accessed by air from the US or Canada through many daily nonstop flights. Alternatively, you can combine your experience to this ultimate European beer destination with a visit from or to a neighboring country like France or Belgium via high-speed train connections on DB German railway. Fun fact: On the German ICE trains, you’ll get beer in its proper glass both served at your seat in first-class or when sitting down at the train restaurant.

So, pack your bags, come on over, raise your glass, and experience a beer-filled journey to Germany – where the hops grow happily, beer flows freely and the fun never ends! Prost! 🍻

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